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You can enjoy the best of boomplay when you do Boomplay app sign up, also get a chance to stream music into your phones and  PC. There are thousands of music available for you to lay your hands on them snd at a cheap free rate.

Boomplay is a music app with over 60 million songs across different genres like Rock songs hip hop songs, Afrobeats, Afropop, and Reggae from different artist all over the world. The app is now the number one for music streaming, downloading or uploading. You can do boomplay sign up to have a personal account for boomplay.

Wondering if you can enjoy all these for free? the answer is yes, you can do boomplay sign up to enjoy all there is on boomplay. Also, download app to get notifications when new music drops. However only top features are available for those who did boomplay app sign up, with a pan but if you don’t want to sign up bomplay account you can still download the app and stream music for free, but the only difference between you and those created an account is that, you cannot be able to stream as much music as you can but you can use the app as your default music app.

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Why We Love Boomplay?

  • Boomplay app is one of the app that uploads millions of trending music per a time.
  • It can boast of 70 million songs which also includes the newest African and international music.
  • Get a chance to know the original taste of music better than anyone else.
    Or you can use the app as your default music player.
  • app has an inbuilt social feature where you can follow and equally interect with your favorite artist
  • Both BoomGaes and BoommMail bring you extra opportunities during your listening expereince.

Key Features of Boomplay

Discover Hot, New Songs

The boomplay music app allows users to download even the newest and hottest songs for free. Also, you can choose to listen to boomplay music while offline or even use the app as a media player in your phones to watch videos download and play music.

Discover New and Hot Songs

Be the first person to know about a new music and also be the first to download hip hop songs. Boomplay gives you the option to choose songs from over 6.7 million artists. Songs by Omay lay, Fireboy, Davido, Burna bor, and Wizkid are one tap away from entering your device. More so, if you are a lover of Christain and gospel afrobeat, then you have no other place to be registered on right now except on

Personalized Playlists Made for you

Once you do boomplay sign up and maybe search for music of your choice,boomplay uses that option to update you of a similar music and this makes downloading very easy.

Get a Chance to vote for your favorite Artist

Do you know that billboard chats now get data like best downloads and plays to ascertain awardable artists that are good.

No Ads

Enjoy your streaming without any pop-up ads and also share music of your choice without an advert interferences.

Buzz Community

Get a chance to meet new people and make new friends on boomplay. Get all the hottest music, sports and entertainment on boomplay.


Aside from downloading music and following top music artists, you can get the best product from BoomMall.


Also get instant games for your android phones on boomplay, there are different unique games that you can download into your devices

How to Download Boomplay for free

This section contains steps on how to download new boomplay app into devices for free, so if you have smartphones like Android, iPhone, iPod, Tablet, and the rest, then you are welcome to do boomplay app download free.

  • Go to google playstore app or any app store of your choice.
  • On the app store search for boomplay app and once found, you can click on download to get the app.
  • Install app into your phone and then grant boomplay app access to your media etc.

That is that, am really glad you are able to do boomplay latest app download for your smartphones

How to do Boomplay App Sign Up | Boomplay Registration

Downloading the boomplay app is not just what gives you the whole access to all its features. You will have to do boomplay app sign up to enjoy much better, Mind you that, after creating a boomplay account, then you can subscribe for a plan as low as #500 t enjoy more music streaming.

  • launch the app and navigate to the profile icon, you can see this option at the top right hand of your screen,
  • Tap on sign up
  • Select to use either your mobile phone number or email.
  • If you choose to do boomplay app sign up using a mobile phone then you will have to enter your phone number.
  • A verification code will be sent to you via the number that you entered, copy out the code and paste at the space meant for it.
  • Enter a username of your choice and then a password, once you are done with that, you are good to go.

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Other Ways to Register a Boomplay Account

  • Sign up boomplay account with Facebook
  • Create boomplay account with Twitter.
  • Boompay registration with Googe.

Hope this guide was helpful?


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