How to Promote Facebook Page Without Money

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How to Promote Facebook Page Without Money – You will learn how you can boost your Facebook page and then get more traffic and make some cool cash. With Facebook ads, you are sure of making out something for yourself but then you need to get traffic first.

Facebook is one social media app that encourages users and helps them to enjoy the app while they use it. With the app, you can advertise your business, buy and sell, follow top companies that are doing well and then make money. But all these will first start when you promote Facebook page without money or with money.

So before we get started, I will like to know if you have a Facebook account? IF your answer is No, then you are not fully ready to promote Facebook page account without money. The first thing i will advise you to do now is to do Facebook registration, once that is done, then you will have to set up your account and then apply for a promotion.

Getting Started with Facebook

Promote Facebook Page Without Money

The step to gettng a page and boosting Facebook page begins with creating a new Facebook account and then downloading Facebook 2022 app once that is done, you will then set up your account. Don’t worry, I will reveal to you how to set up a Facebook profile page so it will look attractive for your friends to join. Mind you that a Facebook account or page that is not looking well structured may find it difficult to get followers into it.

Moreover, the user may equally will not be able to get many followers after doing Facebook promotions without money. Back and forth, the two ways to getting this right is to first own a Facebook account, after that, you will have to apply for a promotion.

Facebook Registration 

I will not have to be too elaborate about registering a Facebook account, but the thing here is that before you can be able to own a space on Facebook platform, you must be a registered user. Even if you use your friends account, you may access every option on his behalf and not for your own benefit. So ready your mind to create a Facebook account before you will begin,

However, the watchword is to promote a Facebook page without money or with money. Yes, the end result is to see your page have from 1k likes and comments to 1milion plus That will be awesome and trust me if you can achieve that, you can apply for monetization and then start earning from there.

How to Promote Facebook Page Without Money

There are two ways to boost Facebook account and they are:

  • Promote Facebook page without money.
  • Promote Facebook page with money.

There is a natural way to boost a Facebook page and in this way, you will have to deploy so many factors and also be connected online, lets’s have a proper exposure below.

How to Boost Facebook Account without Money

Step One – Create a Facebook Page

If you don’t own a Facebook page, then am not sure you are ready to start up any Facebook free or paid promotion.¬† Now if you revisit your account, you will see that most accounts you are following are not really someone’s personal accounts but the person’s page and it’s from the page, you will apply to get more likes and followers.

To create a page; go to your Facebook account and then tap on the three straight lines by the side of your dashboard (you will only see this using your phone). Now proceed to tap on it to open and from the drop done menu, you will have to select page. So, tap on create Facebook page and then follow the onscreen guide to open a new page on Facebook.

Note: Opening a new page o Facebook is very easy and its free too, so get that done and then lets proceed.

Step Two – Restructure Your Facebook Page

If you already have a Facebook account, then you wi have to set up your account to standard. Find out what is requesting that you set up. make sure your profile picture is set to standard, also make sure that your personal account and your Facebook page is looking ok.

Meanwhile, be sure that you create a Facebook page, if you don’t have a Facebook page, then you cannot be able to run any promotion. So go now to set up your page. Mind you, a Facebook page is just like a Facebook account you will still see something like where you will choose a page name, a slot to import in your profile picture, and some other things, so make sure you upload both a cover photo and then a profile page.

Moreover, if I will suggest, then you should be sure that the picture you are putting woks in line with the name that you are bearing on the page and also make sure that the picture is attractive enough.

Step three – Start an Invitation

On your Facebook page, you will see an icon just right on your page’s dashboard, requesting that you invite your friends to come like your page. This time before you start an invitation request, if you don’t have many friends on your Facebook account you will need to go back to send so many friendship requests to individuals who you both know and do not. Get as many friends as lets you because it’s from the friends you have that you can invite to come join your page, so start sending your friendship request and be sure you build up a world of your own.

Step four – Send Your Invitation

Go ahead now to send your invitation request and trust me, this time, you will see so many people liking and obliging to follow you, and just as easy as that your desire to promote Facebook page without money is now achieved.

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How to Promote Facebook Page With Money

Dearie, If you really want to use this page to make money, then you will have to go beyond boosting your Facebook account for free. be less assured that knows what you want and also it has so many options for both Dic and Tom. So if you want to use the Facebook page for business then you will not just be relying on the free version of Facebook adverts and promotion, you should be looking out for a lagers spot, so allow Facebook to boos your page while you go and rest.

How to Use Facebook Advert to Promote your Page.

  • Login to your Facebook account and then login to your Facebook page too.
  • On your page’s dashboard, you will see an option to promote your page so accept to do that.
  • On the number next is to choose the type of audience you will like to have, so set your page.
  • Also, you will be asked the countries you are targetting so if you have any particular country in your mind then you will have to select such countries.
  • More so, you will have to equally choose the gender you want, so if your page is going to be focussing on women alone then there will not be any need to select both gender.
  • Likewise, if its going to be about teenagers, then you know what to do then.
  • On number next, go ahead to choose your pan, I trust you already know what you budgeted for it.
  • calculate how much and how far you intend going.
  • So finally follow the prompts to make your payments and then have your page bosted.

That was easy to do so now am glad that you learnt no how to promote Facebook page without money and also how to promote the Facebook page with money The options are now available for you to choose from.


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